Hope (A quick short post)

There is still hope for this world. We aren’t all bad.

When Pope Francis washed the feet of child inmates this proved that there are still people who have the humility to do something like that. It made my heart swell with pride although I’m not Catholic, you can’t ignore what something like that means.

Peace and Love,

Easter Part. 2

So part 2 of my Easter blog was interrupted yesterday but I’m quite sure you understand why.

While enjoying my Saturday, the husband and I decided to watch “The Passion of The Christ” and as usual, I couldn’t make it through the whole movie without a face full of tears.

There are a lot about this movie that stands out, but this one time I watched it I paid more attention was as the chief priests were making their case against Christ was the reaction of the crowd and how they jumped on the bandwagon to condemn a man that I’m sure many didn’t know except my word of mouth.

That got me to thinking. How often do we jump on a bandwagon without knowing all the facts? How often do we look at someone differently for a mistake they made without knowing all the facts?

I have a saying in life “The only that separates you and someone in jail is one bad decision”.

But people love jumping on and condemning someone without all the facts. Case in point, lets all go back to civics class, there are three branches of government: Legislative, Judicial and Executive. Our fore fathers designed it this way as a form of checks and balances so that no one would have all the power you know like the POTUS. So guess who makes the laws? The Legislative branch and then who signs it? The POTUS, know with knowing all the facts who is really responsible for the economy? Go ahead let it sink in, I’ll wait.

That is just one example that really gets under my skin when we blame the POTUS for all of our countries problems and I can’t really talk because I used to blame Bush when now I see that he was just the pen.

But back to our subject, Matthew 7:1-2 says: Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgement you judge, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

So those that were in the crowd yelling Jesus crucifixion, can you imagine some of the things that had done? and there they were wanting someone to be killed!! and these were His own  people!!

They thought what was the popular thing to do was the right thing to do. How often do we see that today? How often do we do what the majority is doing just because? Although being different is in, but if everyone is different doesn’t that make them all the same? (Food for thought)

So what I’m trying to say is think before  you condemn, walk a mile in someones shoes before you judge. Think about yourself in that situation before you put someone down. Like the saying goes you never know when you’re entertaining one of God’s Angels.


Please know that I am very new in my Christian journey.  If you see anything that isn’t correct or something you don’t agree with let’s talk about it. I love learning new point of views from other people. I want to know the correct way instead of thinking I’m right. I’m not perfect and God isn’t through with me yet.

Happy Birthday CJ (my heavenly angel)

So I totally had Part. 2 to my Easter blog planned.  I had even done all of research to speak on the subject. Then I go on Facebook for the first time today and what do I see..

My ex-husband had posted a birthday wish to our heavenly angel CJ, which included a picture of him taken when he was in the hospital.

Every bit of pain and emotion that I felt the day he was born and the day he died hit me like a ton of bricks.  You see he was born at 24 weeks…. very early to 26 year old couple at Shape, Belgium, a foreign country which we had only been in for a few short weeks, who knew nothing about being pregnant or having a baby.

My pregnancy was extremely difficult, and the only thing I was looking forward to having that special little person who would come out of me and just make me forget everything that I had  gone through.  

God had other ideas though. Trust me when I say, I know it’s true and I know  I’m on a path of spiritual awakening, but that statement is still hard to say.  I would trade me life to this day for my son to be on this Earth, but God makes know mistakes and He knows what’s best for me.

That still doesn’t stop me from thinking what if… I love my husband, but would I have gotten a divorce from my ex? (Statistics say this is normal after the loss of a child) Would I have had more children? (I still have no bio child) How would I have been as a person? Would I have come to Christ sooner? So many questions with answers that I know I will never have.

I always thought that this day would get easier. I thought that as the years went by it would hurt a little less. It hasn’t and doesn’t. My heart aches even as I’m typing this and I thank God for those around me who keep me uplifted during this time.

Losing a child is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. As the saying goes “It’s unnatural for a parent to bury their child”. My heart goes out to everyone who has had to bury theirs. It’s a club that no one wishes to be apart of.

I have to take a moment though and say thank you to those special people that I met while in Belgium.You guys became my family and I can say from the bottom of my heart that I love these ladies. They have wiped tears, held my hand, and just gave me every part of them even though they had only known me for such a short time (in the beginning). I loved you guys then and love you still now.

Carlos D. Blackmon II will always be my first child that grew inside of me, prayer fully he won’t be the last.  He is the one that I draw on when I need strength because I know if I could get through that then anything else I go through is nothing. He is the one who put the thought in my head about becoming a mother because before him I would have laughed at you.  Through him God has taught me some invaluable lessons about life. Although my baby boy is gone, he will never ever be far from my heart. I will love him always and because the tears are welling up in my eyes again I’m going to end this so I can pray my way through this.

Just to add something my husband just told me, don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel if you have gone through something like this. Yell, scream, kick, cry, exercise, just do whatever it is you need to do and don’t feel bad about it. It’s okay. Our club has no rules.

Love & Marriage

I couldn’t find a title to this post. Because the ideas are so jumble in my head but I’m going to try my best to write a good post without rambling 🙂

As I mentioned in an earlier post I am reading a book about building a lasting marriage. So the book is broken up into chapters about different couples in the Bible, the things they went through, and what we can learn from them.

So I’m reading about Abraham and Sarah. They are describe as Partners in Faith.  Imagine my surprise when I read that they went against Gods word!! I know, I know and as you can tell I am no Bible scholar. I actual thought that everything that the Bible speaks about is what God wanted people to do. The thought never entered my mind that even then people still had their free will to choose what they wanted to do.

In case you don’t know the story of Abraham and Sarah (Abram and Sarai before God changed their names) are the only couple in the Bible who are given the biggest focus. Their story spans 13 chapters!!

Abraham and Sarah were given commands by God some they listened to and others they didn’t.  See even back then people didn’t always have faith that God would do everything He promised to do. (Hence the reason Sarah persuaded her maid to have a baby with her husband).

When I read about this it really struck a cord with me. How many times has my husband told me he would take care of something just for me to go behind him and do it myself? How many times have I prayed to God for something and instead of waiting on the answer took it upon myself and even convinced myself that if it worked out that it’s what God wanted?

Even though they didn’t always follow the path that God had set before them, in the end He delivered everything that He promised He would do.  Nothing but trouble came from the decision Sarah made to have her husband have a baby with Hagar. (The birth of Ishmael is the cause of the ongoing conflict between the Arabs and Jews to this day).

I say all this to make a couple of points:

  • Our way isn’t the always the best way.
  • God has a plan for our lives. Trust Him.
  • It’s okay to not know what to do.
  • Never ever let your husband have a baby with your maid!! (LOL)

But women learn to trust your husbands (if he is a Godly man) if he loves you and cares, he will never steer you in the wrong direction. Believe that as the head of your household God gives him all that the family needs to make it through.

Happy Anniversary to Me!!


So March 19, was my two year wedding anniversary.  I married such an amazing man, that I know that it was truly God who sent him into my life.

So that brings me to tonights topic. Divorce.

Some people say that regardless of what you should never divorce, because what God has joined together no man/woman separate.  But what if God isn’t in the relationship at all? What if this was something that you wanted even if you know that it wasn’t a good idea?

God has to be in a relationship for it to work. Point blank period. That’s the only way that no man/woman can separate what God has joined together.


This isn’t my first marriage. No secret there.  I refuse to allow my current marriage to end like my first one or to end at all for that matter.

We have both taken a very important step in our life and we did it together, we both got saved together.  It was so beautiful and such a positive turning point in our marriage.  The only negative I have to say is that it makes it really hard to fight with him!! He always says “Deidre, we are better than this”!… I know he’s right but when i’m mad that’s the last thing I want to hear!!

I am currently reading a book about building a a lasting, loving marriage together with Christ. I’m hoping that through this my relationship with God will become stronger and that my relationship with my loving husband will grow even deeper.

I’m enjoying very much what I’m reading and what I have been learning.

Just my thoughts….