Socialite status…

So as my name says my goal is to become a socialite.. not the no underwear wearing, drug in purse or stealing kind. One more like the social activist type or charity type. I want to be the one people look to when they want to figure out what to do with their life or even what to do that day.

I know you may be saying why do I feel like I should become a socialite. Well trust me I have embarrassing photos and situations in my past but what it’s what I want to do with my future that really counts. I want to become an activist for the children in my community. I honestly know that there are children all around the world that need help.. but I was always taught that charity starts at home. Help those in your own backyard first!! I also don’t think the average everyday black american (I’ll discuss later why I say that) does enough to help out their community. It’s starting to show so no one can really argue with me on that on.

I want to do more for my community and also be the one people turn to when they have ideas to help others. It’s easier to do when everyone knows who you are versus if you were just some average joe…

What does being a socialite mean to you?

Reaching my goals

Over the weekend my husband and I finally worked on our vision book. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s where you actually put together a collage of your dreams. This why you actually have a visual of them, not just thoughts of them. It does make it easier to actually see the things we wish to accomplish in our personal and professional life.

One of the things that we both really wanted to accomplish was to become closer to God and incorporate Him in our everyday lives. So now every night before we go to sleep for the night we have taken to reading and having discussions about the Bible. It’s actually been quite interesting to hear his point of view on biblical things (not that we haven’t had these conversations before). I think that increases our communication and actually brings us closer together because we have so many subjects we can discuss. (more on that at another time)

I think just reading and trying to get a better understanding of who God is and what His son Jesus did for us brings us closer to Him because we put in the time and effort to read His word. I it does everyone some good to have some sort of spiritual connection. I get this great inner peace after I’ve prayed or read Gods word.

What brings you inner peace?

Sometimes it’s best….

So last week I washed my hair quickly because I had something to do. I didn’t do a good deep condition and I also blow dryer it with a hand dryer. It just didn’t come out right!! I normally wash it in the shower , deep condition it twice, and then roller wrap it. Because I didn’t do this by Tuesday it was so oily and limp that it was just ridiculous. So today I’m going to wash it and take care of it the way my hair has obviously became accustomed to. So this proves two points..

1) Sometimes it’s best to stick with what you are used to.

2) When you do something different you get different results. (One of my personal mottos)