My Crowning Glory


This my bathroom closet (my husband has nothing in here but his beach towel).

For those that who know me you, you know how much I love my hair. So I decided to let the world in on my hair secrets.

First secret: I do not use all this stuff!! Lol, but I am a product junky so, this is what happens.


These are the only products I use to wash my hair. I love it. It’s a bit expensive…. okay alot expensive  but I love it. I makes my hair feel really soft and clean. The oil is not too oily and a little goes a long way.


KeraCare and It’s a 10

These are my go to leave in conditioners. They are miracle workers! The trick is to put them on your hair daily, especially in the summer time. It’s my secret weapon against the heat and humidity of this Alabama weather.


Aphogee Reconstructor

I put this on my hair every time I wash it. Love this stuff. It makes it stronger.


Now Avacado Oil and Grapeseed Oil

Instead of hair moisturizer I use these. I’m now into more natural hair products and natural hair oil is where its at.


Who can resist this throw back? When my scalp is extremely dry, this my go to hair grease. I’ve been using this since I was a kid and it has always worked and helped.


Another everyday hair essential for me, if my hair is pulled up in a ponytail or bun trust and believe I have this damage control conditioner in my hair. Because I have a relaxer using this on a daily basis helps when its time for a retouch.


Kuz Protein Mask

This is my go to protein treatment. I tried using the ones that make your hair really hard, but I didn’t really see any difference and it was so messy. This one you can really feel a difference. I put it on as soon as I was my relaxer out and before I shampoo. Trust you’ll love it.


KUZ Growth Stimulator

I hate brushing my hair. This helps with that, it  stimulates your hair roots and makes them want to grow without having to brush your hair everyday (which by the way does help your hair grow).


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