Easter Part. 2

So part 2 of my Easter blog was interrupted yesterday but I’m quite sure you understand why.

While enjoying my Saturday, the husband and I decided to watch “The Passion of The Christ” and as usual, I couldn’t make it through the whole movie without a face full of tears.

There are a lot about this movie that stands out, but this one time I watched it I paid more attention was as the chief priests were making their case against Christ was the reaction of the crowd and how they jumped on the bandwagon to condemn a man that I’m sure many didn’t know except my word of mouth.

That got me to thinking. How often do we jump on a bandwagon without knowing all the facts? How often do we look at someone differently for a mistake they made without knowing all the facts?

I have a saying in life “The only that separates you and someone in jail is one bad decision”.

But people love jumping on and condemning someone without all the facts. Case in point, lets all go back to civics class, there are three branches of government: Legislative, Judicial and Executive. Our fore fathers designed it this way as a form of checks and balances so that no one would have all the power you know like the POTUS. So guess who makes the laws? The Legislative branch and then who signs it? The POTUS, know with knowing all the facts who is really responsible for the economy? Go ahead let it sink in, I’ll wait.

That is just one example that really gets under my skin when we blame the POTUS for all of our countries problems and I can’t really talk because I used to blame Bush when now I see that he was just the pen.

But back to our subject, Matthew 7:1-2 says: Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgement you judge, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.

So those that were in the crowd yelling Jesus crucifixion, can you imagine some of the things that had done? and there they were wanting someone to be killed!! and these were His own  people!!

They thought what was the popular thing to do was the right thing to do. How often do we see that today? How often do we do what the majority is doing just because? Although being different is in, but if everyone is different doesn’t that make them all the same? (Food for thought)

So what I’m trying to say is think before  you condemn, walk a mile in someones shoes before you judge. Think about yourself in that situation before you put someone down. Like the saying goes you never know when you’re entertaining one of God’s Angels.


Please know that I am very new in my Christian journey.  If you see anything that isn’t correct or something you don’t agree with let’s talk about it. I love learning new point of views from other people. I want to know the correct way instead of thinking I’m right. I’m not perfect and God isn’t through with me yet.

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