Tis the Season…

The Holiday Season is upon us…. hopefully everyone got through Thanksgiving intact.

Why is it that the Holidays have started (probably always) brings out the worst in families?  Fights, who brought whom to dinner, exes, and things of the past all come up. I can say I have/am guilty of this. I can hold a grudge like no other (I get it from my daddy) but I was brought up better so I know this attitude is incorrect.

The FAMILY is already under attack.  We don’t support each other like we used to or really connect like a family should anymore. It hurts, and I’m not speaking of myself but as a whole because the way we treat our families and the way the family as whole is treated eventually seeps into our communities.  We hear it all the time, it starts at home. #trueststatementofalltime!

Starting at home teaches us how to resolve conflict, how to interact with others, and so many other things that are needed to handle things in the real world.  I mean some of my greatest lessons were taught to me by my parents and maybe at the time I didn’t understand but now I do.

I beef a lot with my youngest brother, but I love him dearly. In fact I was the only person who could understand anything he was saying when he was younger because he heard so much German when he was born but we spoke English around the house… his language skills were mixed but somehow I was the one who could decipher what he was trying to say, yet now he drives me insane sometimes! But he’s family. Always has been and always will be. I can pick apart the bad times but it’s the good memories that I hold near and dear.(and always will) but for goodness sake it’s the Holidays!

If you are alive, have your health, food in your mouth, and a roof over your head. You are blessed and this is the season for blessings. The root of all of this is family. Now I’m talking about very petty problems. I understand when there is some deep rooted issues that need to be resolved in that case don’t ruin your Holidays deal with it after, but if you don’t then embrace this special time of the year when we see miracles happen and we see how much love there really is in the world.

When you know you are loved (which is suppose to start with family), you have no problem showing it to others, showing kindness to strangers and knowing that you can be a blessing in other peoples lives.  This is why FAMILY is very important.

So Tis the Season to love, to show forgiveness, and to put away petty problems.

Maybe if we learn to love in the inside of our home, we will have no problem showing it on the outside of our homes.

Colossians 3:14 “But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection.”

Peace and Love,



Everything that is old is new agin

Okay so tonight/today is going to be two posts. I think this will happen like this because I like to talk a lot and I am behind on so many topics!!

Okay so while I should be asleep I am up watching “She-Ra” on Hulu… at the end of this particular episode there is a PSA about bullying.  This episode was from 1985. In the my mind I was like wow they had this same problem 20 years ago that we have today! But then I remember something my father always reminds me about. Everything that once was will come again.

So bullying was a huge thing once upon a time… calmed down for a while and now it is back to the forefront once again.  Things are even worse this time around (In my opinion).  So did we learn anything the first time around? No not really or else the problem wouldn’t be so bad.  You wouldn’t have kids as young as 8 attempting suicide or actually doing it.

We have never actually learned anything from the past (and when I say we I mean America as a whole).  Do you know the last time we refused refugees access to our country they were sent back to their own country and killed? WWII, we denied the Jewish into this country and they were sent back and killed by the Nazis…. pretty messed up right?

We are a country made up of immigrants, and refugees.  Unless you are a full blooded Native American then you trace your roots back to somewhere else and not the United States.

So with that in mind isn’t it important to look at the things from our past and use them to make a better future?  If you took a left down a street yesterday and there were nails in the road, wouldn’t you take a right instead of going down that same road today?  I’m all about protecting ourselves and doing what is right for our country but what is right? We don’t want to put the people already here at risk but who says that if we let refugees in that they will be trouble? There is no way to prove that, but what can be proven is if we don’t then we have sentenced these people to a certain death.

Get more interested in the world around you. Stay on top of current events.  These matters will and can affect you somewhere down the road.

I lived in Germany when the Berlin wall came down.  There was also a lot anti-American talk going on which had gotten so bad that we had military police escorts to school. I know what it’s like to live in fear that someone will try and kill you just because there is a different between you and them.  My parents although the told us to always have a watchful I but, we never stopped living.  We still enjoyed living in a different country.   We didn’t let fear stop us. So we can’t let fear stop us from helping others in need.  Wouldn’t we want them to do the same for us?  The United States is suppose to be a super power, so let us show the world what a super power is. I do agree with the Republicans when they say we should lead from the front and not the back.

Isn’t that way everyone wants to come to the United States anyway? We do have it going on!

Peace and Love,


Back Again….

I haven’t been posting like I should even though it’s something that I really enjoy regardless of what type  of feedback I get or if anyone is evening reading my post.

Today I was given some encouragement and I think I’m going to be smart and take it because as I’ve said before you never know when the words you speak or the stories you tell will encourage or help someone.

So this year is just about over with and I’m already leaving it behind me.  I’m going to take the lessons that I’ve learned in 2015 and learn from them but I won’t dwell on any mistakes that I have made.  Next year I will 35! I’m not dwelling on that number but I’m going to celebrate everything that I have been through and all the lessons that I have learned.  Life could be so much worse so I am truly blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

When I was younger I had an idea of where I would be at this age, and it’s no where near where I actually am. I mean that in a good way.  I had babies and this happy June Cleaver life on the brain.  Let me tell you life is nothing like you see on TV.  You never got to see the struggle to get to the good times, which is what we all need. You can’t enjoy the good without the bad, in the words of Betty Wright “No Pain, No Gain.”

So for 2016 I’m going to live with no regrets, only lessons learned, I’m going to live like each day may be my last.  I want to love like I may never be able to give love again. I want to do everything to the best of my abilities, with a smile.  Knowing that I am bringing joy to the Lord because He said to live everyday like that.  We can complain all we want to but what does that give us? A sore throat and more things to complain about.

So I’m going to be strong in life and take pride in all of lifes blessings, whether those blessings are teaching a lesson or giving joy. Celebrate life, love life. Things are going to be okay.

Peace and Love,