The Stress we create..

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I spoke but I still have lots to say and I’m glad to say that I will finally be adding videos!! Yeah!

But let’s get to the life lesson that I have learned.. So about two weeks ago my family and I went through some things and finally we came out with a win. A really big one. Now instead of riding high on the fact that something had finally actually gone as planned and things were looking up. I immediately started to look for the next problem and the next thing to stress over. I can’t possibly be the only person who does that. I mean instead of celebrating and enjoying the moment, I actually looked for something else to get down about… why is that?

I think that because life is so chaotic that we get wrapped up in the stress of everyday life a little too much and we don’t know how to enjoy the times where peace is at hand. I know I don’t. I thrive in chaos, like it is all around me all the times, coming from friends and family that I actually can’t remember when the last time I felt just total peace. I know that’s what I want in my life now and I will get it.

So I’m going to stop borrow trouble and other people issues and focus on me, myself, and I. I can’t help if I’m troubled myself and as I have written in post before I have only just begun to piece myself back together from my 20’s….

I want everyone to evaluate the things that are going on in your life and look at what actually had to do with you and if it doesn’t affect you walk away from it. It’s toxic to your well-being and I can guarantee that it is causing some type of stress that you really don’t need.

Then after you do that I want you to start each day by either writing or just naming out loud three things you are grateful for. No matter how big or small because most of the time the small things count more than the bigger things. 5 minutes a day can bring you a lot of peace and happiness. Although I am only on day 6 of my stress free month I already feel so much lighter and I’m hoping this leads to a lot of changes in my life.

Peace and Love,


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