True Friends

So this morning, I got a message in my inbox on Facebook from a longtime friend of mine. The subject was a sermon from Pastor @mikesteele about “How Do You Know When You Have A True Friend”? The Pastor listed three things of what the characteristics of a true is:

1) Shows up. Whether you are right or wrong and no matter what you’re going through.

2) They will encourage you to endure.

3) They are not envious of your elevation.

I would like to think that I have all three of three of these qualities plus I give so much of myself that I begin to neglect myself to be a good friend. Of all the friendships that I have had in my entire lifetime I can honestly count on one hand the number of people that I have completely severed ties with. For me to be almost 37 years old I would think that is a very good thing.

For those that know me they all say the same thing…. I put up with too much from my “friends” and I ignore the signs that they don’t belong in my life. I can’t help it though. I have a big heart and want to see everyone happy, no matter what it does to me.

Of the relationships that I have lost only three still bother me, but that makes me think were they real friend in the beginning was it something that was going to fizzle out anyway? Was it way past the expiration date anyway. I guess I’ll never know and to make sure my life is on the track I want it to be I can’t allow myself to focus on those lost relationships because if they were meant to be they would still be around right?

Something to think about.

Peace and Love,


Can you change a person…

I like to think of myself as a relationship guru… I mean I have been in quite a few of them and I have a philosophy of that I have to learn something once I’ve moved on.

So today I was speaking with a good friend of mine and she was telling me the things she didn’t like about a potential suitor of hers, she said all these things were deal breakers for her. So I asked, have you spoken to him about it? She answered no…. we then proceeded to have a conversation about changing people we want to be with.

When you voice your opinion/concerns/comments are you trying to change someone?

There are things I do that I am quite sure are super annoying about me. In fact my husband will tell you in a heart beat that I am a spoiled brat and I don’t like to do anything that’s not my idea (this only half true, I’ll do stuff others want to do). I do have strong opinions on situations I will put myself in though.

Can your opinion/concern/comments actually make someone change?

You can’t change anyone who doesn’t want to be changed. I don’t care who you are, what you can do for them or anything. No on changes unless they want to. I hate folding my clothes. My husband complains about this constantly….. guess what I have three basket of clothes at the bottom of the bad now. I hate folding clothes. I told him this when we meet almost 9 years ago, and I remind him of what I said now that we’ve been married for 7 years. I don’t think I’m going to change because I don’t want to.

If you want change something about a person should you even be going after them?

NO!! Everyone has the quirks and things about them that may make other people squirm. The rule of thumb is that you accept people as they are because no one is perfect and we are all works in progress so don’t judge because I’m quite sure they have a list of things about you they don’t like either.

Bottom line for me I accept people as who they are good or bad. If it’s not something I can see myself dealing with I walk away or keep friendly from afar. There is nothing wrong with that. No one is supposed to like everyone anyway.

Peace and Love,


The Stress we create..

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I spoke but I still have lots to say and I’m glad to say that I will finally be adding videos!! Yeah!

But let’s get to the life lesson that I have learned.. So about two weeks ago my family and I went through some things and finally we came out with a win. A really big one. Now instead of riding high on the fact that something had finally actually gone as planned and things were looking up. I immediately started to look for the next problem and the next thing to stress over. I can’t possibly be the only person who does that. I mean instead of celebrating and enjoying the moment, I actually looked for something else to get down about… why is that?

I think that because life is so chaotic that we get wrapped up in the stress of everyday life a little too much and we don’t know how to enjoy the times where peace is at hand. I know I don’t. I thrive in chaos, like it is all around me all the times, coming from friends and family that I actually can’t remember when the last time I felt just total peace. I know that’s what I want in my life now and I will get it.

So I’m going to stop borrow trouble and other people issues and focus on me, myself, and I. I can’t help if I’m troubled myself and as I have written in post before I have only just begun to piece myself back together from my 20’s….

I want everyone to evaluate the things that are going on in your life and look at what actually had to do with you and if it doesn’t affect you walk away from it. It’s toxic to your well-being and I can guarantee that it is causing some type of stress that you really don’t need.

Then after you do that I want you to start each day by either writing or just naming out loud three things you are grateful for. No matter how big or small because most of the time the small things count more than the bigger things. 5 minutes a day can bring you a lot of peace and happiness. Although I am only on day 6 of my stress free month I already feel so much lighter and I’m hoping this leads to a lot of changes in my life.

Peace and Love,


Gun Violence

So this morning we were invited to church with our neighbors of course their church start time is much earlier than ours and we overslept. I blame my husband because waking us up to get somewhere on time has always been job (yes I’m throwing him under the bus) I’m guessing he woke up in the middle of the night to watch tv like he always does and was still sleepy.

When I awoke though there was a movie playing “Runaway Jury”, the movie was made in 2003 but the book was written by John Grisham in 1996. The movie and book are about a widow suing a gun manufacturer because her husband went to work and shot up his office and killed himself. Is this starting to sound familiar? Of course the gun manufacturer only comeback was that the 2nd Amendment Right gave anyone the right to own a gun and it doesn’t matter who owns their guns and what they do with them isn’t their problem.

But it made me think, don’t cigarettes have a warning on them, in fact they now have tv ads that show often about the dangers of smoking. The labels on alcohol have warnings, in fact now that I really think about just about everything we use or do has some type of warning or rules for us to go by when we use them. There are even warnings on video games that say some video games can aggravate their epilepsy. So why aren’t their warning labels on guns?

Now don’t get me wrong I have absolutely nothing against the ownership of guns, the responsible ownership of guns. We have guns in our home and even before I came into the picture with my husband and bonus son I was absolutely impressed with what my husband had taught my son about gun safety and he was only 4 years old at the time. Now it may have something to do with the fact the he had limited access to toy guns also so as to not confuse him but still we speak with him often still to this day and he has never wavered on how he feels about guns and mass gun shootings..

Gun violence like this just didn’t start we just ignored all the warning signs in the beginning and let the big gun makers and NRA put money in the pockets of our governors and senators. When the only people getting killed by guns were “gang bangers” it was okay nobody was overly concerned. Then it wasn’t about gun violence it was about gang violence and (just being truthful) whites people weren’t getting hurt so…

But what if we had changed the laws as soon as stuff like this started happening? How many people would still have their family members with them today?

Peace and Love,


Consistency and Patience

If you ever want to be great or have anything in life you must be consistent and patient . I have neither one of these traits. I know I’ve spoken before about my lack of patience but I just realized consistency was also a big part of what I want for my future.

Whatever it is you want in life you have to eat, breathe and live it. Even if all of desire is a closer relationship with God.

I have all these creative ideas in my head of things I know I am good at things I know will bring me the fulfillment you get when you are able to us your God given talents. I sit and think about what I can do, but I have a lot of buts…. I always say “oh that won’t turn out right because I don’t have this or that or I don’t have money to really get it out there the way I want to. Did you catch all that did you see the patience I don’t have to use the things that I have and when I do one thing the inconsistency I have within myself.

That is honestly the harshest part of wanting and having anything. Everyday I can learn a new tip or something to do until I can “get” what I think I need. Because truthfully I believe my laziness and my sense of “Oh everyone knows me, they know I change me mind often.” Nope just another excuse to stop in the middle of something or stop trying to learn a new program because people shouldn’t expect much from me.

Thats’ the worse lie I have ever told myself, because (humble brag) I know how smart I am. I know how to get things done and I’m pretty amazing at a lot of things. So why am I selling myself short?

Peace and Love,


Happy New Years Eve!!

Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of 2018? I mean this year has flown by and another year is upon us already. Are you ready?

I try not to be too preachy in my blog post but this time I’m sorry I can’t help it. This morning in Church the message was all about making your first steps into a New Year, and I’m not talking about making resolutions but about having a clear vision of who you want to be. I have never heard it put that way. The crazy thing is I had already been thinking about what goals and visions I had for the new year. Hearing about it confirmed my thinking on the whole matter. Sometimes we get caught up in what I can do for God that is pleasing to him when it’s really what can God do through me…

We should all have a vision for our lives, lack of vision is death. We can’t just aimlessly go through life hoping that the things we dream of will fall into our laps. We have to work hard for them. We have to know how we are going to achieve our visions. We don’t need to think about the difficulties in achieving our visions, we don’t to live in fear about them or listen to those who try and tell us that we can’t achieve what we set out to do. Vision is a very powerful thing. Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it”.

So for 2018 I am dreaming big. I am going to put all the fear that I have behind because I am scared of a lot of things. I’ve let a lot of that fear hold me back from a lot of things. I have a dream to sing in public without worrying about what everyone is thinking of me, I want to use all of my artistic talents to become a premier t-shirt designer. I want to have a charity where I make homemade cards for nursing homes so that the elderly never feel forgotten on their birthdays or other special occasions. I want to make my youtube channel popular because I want people to see a very imperfect person try to get life right the best that they can.

So I have vision and as the days go by, I’m going to make it clearer on what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it. I know I can do more that I think I can and more than I can ever imagine. I want to finally live a life full of moments pleasing God and being more stress free. I want to show more love to the people around me and just become a better me.

I hope you have at least thought about what you want out of 2018. Not resolutions but what you want out of it. If you have, go for it. Don’t let anything stop you because it is possible. I wish you all the blessings in the world. I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year and I will see you in 2018. Don’t forget to start checking out my Youtube channel!

Peace and Love,



I Survived!

I survived Christmas! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I so enjoyed myself being with my family. It was totally amazing.

I have a confession to make. I don’t know how to truly enjoy living without spending money. This was my first Christmas having to do so. I thought it was going to be awful and I just knew I would spend the day in a funk but it was the best ever. I made all my families gifts and every one loved them. It was creative and made me feel really good. Which is inline with the way I want to start my 2018 and my goals for next year. I’m going to become the very best version of myself. I am super excited to start this journey and I hope you guys all come along with me. I will be starting a youtube channel where I’m going to chronicle my journey.

I am not perfect, nor will I ever portray to be. I want you to see what a journey of being your best actually looks like because so many people come to you after they have done the hard work, but they never let you see the process of how hard it can be to get to a good place in life where you finally feel comfortable in your own skin. So I invite you to join me on my new Youtube Channel: there will be more videos to come and a lot more to talk about. So bring it on 2018 I am so ready for you.

Peace and Love,


Christmas Eve

I didn’t have the Christmas Spirit this year. I was literally over it. But today I went to church and my whole attitude changed. Sometimes when we live in a world where we are so consumed by how we think things should be and forget that the world isn’t perfect, we tend to lose sight of the important things in life. I’m glad my attitude towards the day changed because I started enjoying the reason for the season so much more. I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Love and Kisses,