Closing out the year.

Like a Phoenix I rose from the ash and dirt during my very worse…

Can anyone believe that today is December 30th! I am so excited and sad. This year has taught me so many things and just pushed me to be more true to myself than ever and I LOVE IT!

Things don’t always happen the way we want them to but they work out just the way they should because there’s always a lesson or something of value in every situation.

I’ve made friends that I didn’t think I would make but I did and I’m happy about the family I’ve made.

I know the boat can get rocky but as long as I don’t bail out. I know everything will be fine.


Rachel Ray

I got some new Rachel Ray cookware because I realized during Thanksgiving that I didn’t quite have all the pots and pans that I wanted and I kept having to put things in bowls and wash them out. I forgot that I’m suppose to have two sets. So I went out and bought me another one so I wouldn’t get caught with my pants down again.

The Rachel Ray set has gotten great reviews and I hope it lives up to the hype!