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Don’t judge this happens to the best of us, but I decided to put it out there anyway. Enjoy or don’t enjoy.


Peace  and Lovem



The other day I had written the most witty post about music and how I felt about it in conduction with my Christian faith. It was very insightful if I may say so myself. Then I forgot to push the save draft button and it disappeared.  I’m hoping that I can re-create my thoughts on the subject and still feel comes across the way I want it to.

I love music, all kinds.  Music is truly the universal language of the world.

With that being said, being a Christian I’m told that I’m only “allowed” to listen to one type of music. I just can’t accept that, and until I’m convicted or conflicted I will continue to listen to what makes me feel like me. Now don’t get me wrong I have cut out the booty music because it just doesn’t appeal to me anymore and rap has never really been my thing because it’s hard for me to keep up with anything that doesn’t have a melody that I can catch.

I like music that speaks to me, love songs, music that tells me that I’m able to do or be anything I want to be. Music that tells me where I’ve been and where I can go. Jazz, Pop, 80’s big hair bands, R&B, Oldies, Motown, some rock music and alternative music, just about anything and everything.  I love music that gives me that feel good feeling of self being and self awareness.  Music that makes me smile, music that makes me think about my husband and all the times we’ve shared good and bad. All the times that music has helped me get through the bad stuff, the times where I didn’t think I would make it.

Music is beautiful, and being trapped into listening to only one type I think is such a huge injustice.  To me it also let’s us learn about things we may not ever have any access to.

I know how important it is to be careful of what you put into your body (and yes that includes the music you listen to) I try not to listen to anything God would disapprove of.

Now people will say that God could have done all those things to help me get through all of these things, well He did do all those things.  He put that music into the artist,  writers and record labels minds to release.  Which in turn allowed me to hear it.  Can you say I’m right or wrong?

Even David wrote love songs in the Book of Psalm….

I would love to debate this and I’m open to whatever you want to throw my way.

Peace and Love,


Unwavering Faith

I have an anxiety disorder… which is really just a fancy way of saying that I’m high strung and hard to calm down sometimes.  So when I’m put in situations which I can control or I haven’t planned, my thought process has a tendency to go overboard and I become consumed with thoughts of the situation.  Trust me it isn’t a pretty sight.

I am frustrated with this because I hate roadblocks! This is another one that I have to overcome in order to become the best child of God that I can become.  How is it that i’m suppose to be able to have this unwavering faith when I seem to fall apart when things don’t go as I would have them planned? I try and stay strong, planted and rooted in the knowledge of God’s word that He will never forsake me and that His promises are true.

I pray and I know I will have to continue to pray harder everyday because I can’t let this beat me. God gave me this because He knew I was strong enough to overcome. (I will have to share later why and how I know this is true).  I just can’t get so down on myself when the grip that I think that I have starts to loosen. I mean no one is strong everyday.

It is totally okay not to be perfect. Throw caution to the wind and live the best life for you. Have that unwavering faith in God that as long as you live as He has you to live, He will never leave you hanging.

Unwavering Outcast

Peace and Love,


Bad Girl

I am able to take whatever is thrown at me. I can take it and be cool with it. I rarely lose it. I have always tried so hard to hide the fact that I’m absolutely crazy. When I want to scream, throw things, get in people faces, roll the neck and point the finger, I hold back I restrain myself. It’s actually what I’m most proud of because I have learned that sometimes all those things aren’t necessary and walking away actually makes you a stronger person.

What I cannot put up with in any type of form or fashion is when people take advantage of the ones I love.  It makes me furious.  When you have a place in my heart, I will defend you, fight for you, stand by you. I will always have your back. 

Today I may have done something that I only slightly regret. It seemed to me something that should have happened a long time ago, and although I’ve always been told the truth will come out eventually, was it really me who needed to push the information out there? So was I right or wrong? When does taking up for the ones you love cross the line to you putting your nose into business that has nothing to do with you?

Like I said I only slightly regret my actions because I don’t like bullies. No one should ever feel as though someone else has control over their lives except them and God. So I may not every apologize and I know that’s something I will have to pray and speak with God about. I hope He understands and sees my reasons behind it. But I will always put my love into action and not just worlds.

Peace and Love,


Missed Opportunities

No one is perfect, and more than anything I always try and be the best person that I can be. I have a very serious problem though. I really hate to disappoint people, which leads to very disastrous consequences. I have no idea where this need to be everything to everyone comes from.

I feel at these times I miss out on the chance to be a better person. These are the times where I need to be able to show what I’m made of and just own up to the fact that I’ve fallen short of expectations. It feels as though it kills me to do that!

I mean don’t want anyone to think me, my life or anything around me is perfect or always in complete working order. They are not! I’m sometimes a mess and so is my life. I just try as hard as I can to not let that get me down because God doesn’t want a mopey me!

I actually hope there are more times to come that can test me and give me the opportunity to just accept the fact that I will disappoint people (not on purpose) and that I can and will live through it. If someone looks at me differently for making a mistake then all I can do is apologize and ask for their forgiveness.

God is still working on me.

Peace and Love,