I love my hair! I love when it has a fresh relaxer, I love when it needs one. I just love my hair in every form and fashion. My goal right now is to get down to my bra strap in the middle of my back. I’ve decided to document my hair growth journey… All the good, the bad and the ugly! So stay tuned!!



So I think the hardest thing about life for me is sticking to my goals. I have the greatest intentions in the world but for some reason I just can’t seem to stick with them. I like to think of myself as an idea person, I have ideas for days and most of them are pretty good if you ask me. I just wish I could accomplish more of them. I know I’m not the only person with this issue but no one ever speaks of their own shortcomings..

When I FINALLY grow up!!

So this summer I turned 30….and I realized that I have this seriously long list of things that I wish to accomplish. One of the main things (and yes this is very vain) I wish to be is a Socialite… I know crazy.  I want to be a trendsetter for all of the right reasons, like because I worked in a soup kitchen, started a charity or did something good.  You would think people would want to be more positive than negative with their actions in life. But I won’t be bothered with them because I can only control the things that I do!!