True Friends

So this morning, I got a message in my inbox on Facebook from a longtime friend of mine. The subject was a sermon from Pastor @mikesteele about “How Do You Know When You Have A True Friend”? The Pastor listed three things of what the characteristics of a true is:

1) Shows up. Whether you are right or wrong and no matter what you’re going through.

2) They will encourage you to endure.

3) They are not envious of your elevation.

I would like to think that I have all three of three of these qualities plus I give so much of myself that I begin to neglect myself to be a good friend. Of all the friendships that I have had in my entire lifetime I can honestly count on one hand the number of people that I have completely severed ties with. For me to be almost 37 years old I would think that is a very good thing.

For those that know me they all say the same thing…. I put up with too much from my “friends” and I ignore the signs that they don’t belong in my life. I can’t help it though. I have a big heart and want to see everyone happy, no matter what it does to me.

Of the relationships that I have lost only three still bother me, but that makes me think were they real friend in the beginning was it something that was going to fizzle out anyway? Was it way past the expiration date anyway. I guess I’ll never know and to make sure my life is on the track I want it to be I can’t allow myself to focus on those lost relationships because if they were meant to be they would still be around right?

Something to think about.

Peace and Love,


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