Romans 3:23/Part 1 of Easter Blog

Romans 3:23 states: For ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

I am not perfect, but neither is anyone reading this. (Sorry but it’s the truth), but probably unlike you I hold all of past transgressions against myself. I hold onto them knowing that God has forgiven me. 

Why? I really can’t answer that question. I feel as though I should have know better, should have been better. I like to think I’m an extremely smart and bright person (no laughing or jokes people), who shouldn’t have done anything that I did in my past. (I will allude to some of these things later, trust) At trust God isn’t through with me yet….

But God is not always proud of us, we do things that He has explicitly told us not to do, we pray and don’t listen or wait for His answers, we do so much that I’m sure that Jesus questions his discussion to die for our sins, because we learn nothing from our past or the past of others. I mean speaking as someone who is living now, I’m not sure I would have had the guts to die for a world knowing that some didn’t believe in me, some would forsaken me and some would just ignore all the things that I do in their life.

This generation is slowly getting away from what our grandparents believed in, how they helped one another, the things they stood for. I know that some people are still holding true to helping others. There is a person that I admire so much for her contribution to helping others. I want to mention her name but I’m not sure how she would fill about it so I’ll ask her and then tell you.

But we have got to understand that we are not perfect, God never expected us to be. He just wants us to do better. It’s not hard, nor will it be the easiest thing to do but it can be done.

Think about it. It’s already written.






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