This year was about me…

I know that this title makes me sound very conceited but it was. This year is coming to an end very fast and like I do every year, I like to sit back and think of all the lessons learned and everything that made me grow as a person.

I came into 2015 shaky.  There was so much that I was sure about but I pressed on with life. I basically just lived and you know what? Everything turned out okay.

There were so things I had to come to terms with which I have written about before, (having a baby and then having another myomectomy), but nothing took me out the game! I overcame fights with depression and everything without being pumped full of medication, these may have been small victories but they were still wins.

So when I look back at the year, I say it was about me. It was about me getting to know myself better, which is the most important thing a person can do in life. When you know who you are it is a feeling of empowerment because it’s easier to figure out things in life.

I now know how to let things go, and I understand better when my husband tells me to stop stressing so much.  Understanding myself has led to an amazing marriage! I feel so grown up, so in control (Janet Jackson was on point with being in control) and such a feeling of having my feet planted firmly on the ground.

My belief in a higher power is even greater. Its like He has let me bump my head long enough and since I know better now I can “hear” better.

There are so many things that I can’t quite put into words to get you understand how 2015 being about me was such a pivotal point in life. I recommend everybody to learn themselves.  It’s the best thing you can do for you and everyone around you. My father always said, “Stand for something or fall for anything.” You can’t stand for something if you don’t know what you stand for.

So I see 2016 being even better, a greater year because thats something else 2015 taught me. Things go up, things come down and then things go up again. Life is a cycle, you won’t always be on top and you won’t always be on bottom. All you have to do is live life to the fullest and things will be okay, even when they seem like they won’t because it is the circle of life.

So don’t do the cliche of making resolutions just live in 2016 because whatever it is you can do it, it will happen (if it’s for you) and life will be good. Even though there will be times where it seems bad it will still be good (another lesson I learned everything has a purpose).

So live life because it is such a beautiful thing.

Peace and Love,


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