A life

This time of year for me my life takes on a life of itself. It never fells I always get sick (pneumonia again) and the stresses of being a business owner also come up. As I’m sitting here trying to get my first blog post of the year in, and cuddle up with my husband,  I ran across video a friend of mine had put up on Facebook.

My father always taught me that the best way to get a different result is to do something different, and this is what Mr. Harvey was speaking on. Sometimes we do have to jump in order to actually jump start the greatness in all of us. I’m going to challenge all of my friends this year to do something that jump starts a passion in them. Each and every one of us has something unique and special about us. Let’s explore that. Let’s become the best person that we can be. I’m taking this message to heart. Once my energy level is back up I’m going to start checking things off of my list because I know nothing is off limits to me. So don’t let it be to you. So go and jump start that greatness in you today!

Peace and Love,

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