The little things….

So I am suppose to be knee deep in Physical Science homework but I swear my mind is not on it.  It’s boring and wish I could blink my eyes and it just go away….

But anyway, I posted a very serious question on Facebook and I got no answer so I’m guessing no one else knows the answer either… (so sad).

Every year during the Christmas Holidays, the Salvation Army brings out those red kettles in front of Wal-Mart.. a place I go at least 4-5 times a week. I am one of those bleeding heart people that feel like the scum of the Earth when I don’t put anything in those kettles, but if I go that many times a week when is enough, enough?

I think about this every year because I believe in giving back to the less fortunate.  I give small toys to toy drives, I do anything I can to bring a small to those who may not be able to do it because I never know if or when I’ll ever be in that situation and I would want someone to help me.

But again I ask with these kettles that I pass by so often when do I say, “Hey I’ve done what I can and there is no reason to go broke so you won’t look bad in front of these people ringing this bell”. Before everyone starts I know that you give from the heart… obviously I have one because I feel bad because I want to give everytime.

I found a great article on this, which I had to search for so now I feel a bit better and I want to share just in case anyone else is having trouble with those damn RED KETTLES!!

Peace and Love,



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