Is this really police brutality against blacks?

Okay as I’m writing this I know only a few read my blog post.  If there was going to be read it would and should be this one.   I think I am the one person who is asking “what was the person doing for this situation to happen”? I’m not saying that all these people should have been killed but be honest did they or did they not put themselves in that position? It’s illegal to sell loss cigarettes (crime) If and officer tells you to stop and you run (crime) We all now talking about Sandra Bland but did she run her mouth while she was being arrested? Weren’t we all taught to keep our mouth shuts, yes this is America and we should be able to what we want but every race knows that is just simply not true.  Now for those of you that know me call  me white girl and everything else so I’ll take that but I know how things can be.

Story time: In 2005 or 2006 I was driving my brother back to his AIT base in Fort Gordon, GA.  We were running late and we were speeding he wasn’t even suppose to have left the base and we were coming all the way back from Prattville, Alabama. So like many people do they find a car going fast and get behind it, which is what I did. Now we could just about see the exit to the base we had literally minutes to spare when all of a sudden I got pulled over.  I was so pissed!  When the cop came to the care I was already on 10 and had much attitude.  When he asked me did I know why I was pulled over I told him it was because he wasn’t fast enough to catch the care in front of me. I started complaining how he was holding up my brother from getting back to his base on time and that this was a waste of time and that he should have been trying to catch the lead car. (That statement was not necessary) I reached over in my glove compartment snatched out my insurance, registration and ID gave it to him with an attitude, rolled my eyes and turned my head on him as I keep talking about how stupid he was being. The whole time my brother was in the passenger seat saying oh my God we’re going to get killed or go to jail. Luckily either this guy was nervous or something because he didn’t even run any of my information he just looked it over gave me back my information and told me to slow down.

Now we have seen the things that have happened before people end up killed by police or beaten. I can honestly say that if that had happened to me that day, it would have been my fault. I can say my parents brought me up with the words that you can bring trouble on yourself.  That’s what would have happened to me. I wasn’t just lucky that day I was blessed.

Now I believe white people get the same treatment we do. If you don’t believe me watch Jail, Cop, Dumbest Criminals and these there shows.  I just don’t think it gets the same attention when it happens to someone white, but I hate to be the one to tell you. It happens to every race in this country.

I understand people want to change. How about we try to change for everybody though? Lets not make this a race thing lets make this a people thing because I promise everyone is going through it.  I’m quite sure other races have just as many stories as we do.

I you don’t know the story of Danroy “DJ” Henry, look it up and see how his family is handling things. You’ve probably never end heard the name because he parents didn’t make it an issue about a white office shooting a black kid.

Now I’m not saying that we should roll over and let these things continue to happen but how about up a dialogue and get this to where then need to be. Martin Luther King, Jr. and he never raised hand or rioted and looted our own things “to prove a point”.  I said this yesterday on my Facebook page and I’m going to say it again “Start looking at the man in mirror and change his way”.

As you know I believe in Jesus and God wholeheartedly so in a way something had to happen to spark change, and now we as people have to find a to fix.

I have a police officer as a friend and he has already told me what to do when if I’m ever pulled over. I’m glad to have him.

We should also teach or  children not be afraid of anyone.  Lets make sure yes ma’am and no sir is in their vocabulary. Lets teach them that although people look at it and make assumption, the only thing that should be different is skin tone other than that we are all equals in this world. Nothing can hold you back but you.

I’m going to tell you one last story… In May of this year my husband couldn’t stop in time at a red light and hit a very elderly couple, I mean the man had on sweatpants with suspenders old… but anyone because he handled the situation so well and didn’t catch an attitude or anything else that would have mad him an “Angry Black Man” it impressed the elderly couple so much that was amazing, because they probably had bad thoughts in the beginning. His attitude changed the whole situation. The couple sent him a thank you card and have called to check on him a time or two and have invited us to dinner if we are ever near their area.

So not everyone is bad and every nation is this world has a group of people that are trouble makers.

I truly understand that this police brutality is getting out of hand but is it because we have the internet we now hear about it? I want change but we have to go about change the right way so that to can be a lasting change.

I swear and I know it can happen.

Peace and Love.


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