Back Again….

I haven’t been posting like I should even though it’s something that I really enjoy regardless of what type  of feedback I get or if anyone is evening reading my post.

Today I was given some encouragement and I think I’m going to be smart and take it because as I’ve said before you never know when the words you speak or the stories you tell will encourage or help someone.

So this year is just about over with and I’m already leaving it behind me.  I’m going to take the lessons that I’ve learned in 2015 and learn from them but I won’t dwell on any mistakes that I have made.  Next year I will 35! I’m not dwelling on that number but I’m going to celebrate everything that I have been through and all the lessons that I have learned.  Life could be so much worse so I am truly blessed beyond my wildest dreams.

When I was younger I had an idea of where I would be at this age, and it’s no where near where I actually am. I mean that in a good way.  I had babies and this happy June Cleaver life on the brain.  Let me tell you life is nothing like you see on TV.  You never got to see the struggle to get to the good times, which is what we all need. You can’t enjoy the good without the bad, in the words of Betty Wright “No Pain, No Gain.”

So for 2016 I’m going to live with no regrets, only lessons learned, I’m going to live like each day may be my last.  I want to love like I may never be able to give love again. I want to do everything to the best of my abilities, with a smile.  Knowing that I am bringing joy to the Lord because He said to live everyday like that.  We can complain all we want to but what does that give us? A sore throat and more things to complain about.

So I’m going to be strong in life and take pride in all of lifes blessings, whether those blessings are teaching a lesson or giving joy. Celebrate life, love life. Things are going to be okay.

Peace and Love,


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