Confederate flag in the South

Yeah! Two post in one night!!

Anyway I swear this confederate flag thing came out of no where.

I may not have always lived in Alabama but I was brought up very open parents so nothing was new to me and they made sure I had an open mind about everything.

When I was going to high school there were plenty of buys in their big pick up truck with confederate flags in the back windows.  I never once got the vibe or feeling that it was anything more than a decoration in their truck.

In my opinion the Confederate flag is not about people still believing in slavery.  First of all I’m quite sure some black people can actually carry the Confederate flag because they did fight for the South in the Civil War, the ancestors of these people should be proud of that.

If others think that the Confederate flag is about slavery then that is totally your opinion. My opinion is that people were may not have agreed with the war but they were proud of their ancestors that answered the call to fight for the South.

I saw a video of some young black juveniles jumping out of cars and tearing a Confederate flag down from the front of someones house… If they had have gotten shot, there would have been an outrage but come one people. We have lived with this flag for centuries and the FLAG has never killed anyone.

FYI: They are actually thinking of changing the Alabama State flag because it resembles the Confederate flag.  That is just plan dumb because seriously does it bother you that much?

Don’t judge people because of what they do or like. Let’s learn to be good humans to other humans.

Peace and Love,


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