One bad apple…

They saying goes “one bad apple doesn’t spoil the bunch”… well it may not spoil the bunch but it does put a damper on things.

This weekend someone posted on Facebook that they were going to shoot up the Riverwalk in our town.  I thought it was just talk until I found it actually happened.

Montgomery has worked hard to make downtown a nice place and to invite more businesses in. The history in the Montgomery area is astonishing and it deserves to be seen and heard.

They even built a huge outside Amphitheater so that we can attract musical acts and maybe get know for the place to through concerts.  We already have the talent and this will just really put us on the map.

Because of one/group of people wanting to be stupid all of that can come crashing down.

My idea of how to fix it is very simple: STOP BEING STUPID.

What happened to a good old fashioned fist fight? Or as shocking as this may be walking away?  If we keep going down the path we are on now. No one will have anything.

Peace and Love.


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