I have so many ideas in my head

So many things that I wish to accomplish

So much that I know I can do and I know that I am pefectly capable of doing.

Motivation is my worst enemy though because sometimes for me it’s no where to be found.  

I saw the hard work of someone who put three years of their life into something they truly believed in and it turned out beautifully.

So why can’t I push myself to do the same? Why do I keep coming up with these great ideas and never really push to make them come true? Is this motivation thing something I really need to find first? Before I let all of ideas out?

The biggest thing in my life is to leave my footprint somewhere. Not my carbon footprint. But my footprint that says I did something in life to better this world after I leave.

So I’m going to start praying and praying hard so that my motivation comes, my time comes and that I am strong enough to push myself to do what it is that I am capable and know what I am put here for. 

My purpose.

But what is purpose without motivation. I have to find both and you can’t do one without the other. This is what it’s going to take to make it.

Don’t let motivation take you out of the game, even before the game starts. I’m going to make my list and I can’t wait to start checking them off as they are accomplished. 

I’m going to find my motivation, are you?

Peace and Love,


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