When life gives you lemons, run!!

I’ve always wanted a house.

My dream house came my way when I least expected it.  Moving from an apartment into a house was amazing and I instantly fell in love with my house! It had everything that I wanted and then some….

That was until you start having house problems.  Now everyone who has a house knows exactly what I’m talking about. Air condition problems, dead trees, broken appliances, and everything else you can think of.

It is driving me crazy! I mean as I am typing this I am waiting for an after hours air conditioner service to come and check out my air conditioner which has went out.

Sometimes everything is going great and then sometimes everything is going wrong.

The same thing happened last year right before we had a big party (we are having one in a few weeks) so these are the things that life is made up of.

Everything that’s worth having is worth working for. Everything worth having is worth working hard to keep.

Although I believe life has ups and down I still run when life hands me lemons.  I’ll fix it when I actually make the lemonade until then I will be running! 🙂

Peace and Love,


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