Don’t ever stop living

They say that you should never give up on life and always keep trying.

I was thinking about that saying today and I decided that it should be better never stop living.

You only get one life (well according to my religion) and you should live that life to the best of your abilities.

Now I know I’m a fine one to talk because I will go from 100 miles per hour to 0 in a heartbeat but, when the need arises I’m going to live my life because I want no regrets when its all over.

I want to go hard and make all my dream, wishes and everything else come true.  Does anyone else have that feeling inside of them that there is something bigger than themselves that is trying to claw its way out of you?  I feel that way all the time, I watch the news, tv shows, movies, books and I’m always thinking of how it could have been done better.  If that’s my way of thinking then “If you want something done right, then do it yourself.”

We are in the time where people are becoming famous for hair weave reviews and makeup.  Making their own shows on YouTube are making people bonafide stars.

There is nothing that can’t be done if you honestly put your mind to it these days.

A few weeks ago Dame Dash said that everyone should be an owner. Everyone should be “in charge”  well even the Bible says that there will be bosses and their will be workers. There has to be rich and their has to be poor.  It’s the way the world works. So note *NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A BOSS*.  But you can have ideas that you can pass on to others and still make some type of impact on the world even if you are just worker. You still have some importance.

So continue to dream no matter where you are in life, never give up. Don’t ever stop living.

Peace and Love,


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