Bad Girl

I am able to take whatever is thrown at me. I can take it and be cool with it. I rarely lose it. I have always tried so hard to hide the fact that I’m absolutely crazy. When I want to scream, throw things, get in people faces, roll the neck and point the finger, I hold back I restrain myself. It’s actually what I’m most proud of because I have learned that sometimes all those things aren’t necessary and walking away actually makes you a stronger person.

What I cannot put up with in any type of form or fashion is when people take advantage of the ones I love.  It makes me furious.  When you have a place in my heart, I will defend you, fight for you, stand by you. I will always have your back. 

Today I may have done something that I only slightly regret. It seemed to me something that should have happened a long time ago, and although I’ve always been told the truth will come out eventually, was it really me who needed to push the information out there? So was I right or wrong? When does taking up for the ones you love cross the line to you putting your nose into business that has nothing to do with you?

Like I said I only slightly regret my actions because I don’t like bullies. No one should ever feel as though someone else has control over their lives except them and God. So I may not every apologize and I know that’s something I will have to pray and speak with God about. I hope He understands and sees my reasons behind it. But I will always put my love into action and not just worlds.

Peace and Love,


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