Missed Opportunities

No one is perfect, and more than anything I always try and be the best person that I can be. I have a very serious problem though. I really hate to disappoint people, which leads to very disastrous consequences. I have no idea where this need to be everything to everyone comes from.

I feel at these times I miss out on the chance to be a better person. These are the times where I need to be able to show what I’m made of and just own up to the fact that I’ve fallen short of expectations. It feels as though it kills me to do that!

I mean don’t want anyone to think me, my life or anything around me is perfect or always in complete working order. They are not! I’m sometimes a mess and so is my life. I just try as hard as I can to not let that get me down because God doesn’t want a mopey me!

I actually hope there are more times to come that can test me and give me the opportunity to just accept the fact that I will disappoint people (not on purpose) and that I can and will live through it. If someone looks at me differently for making a mistake then all I can do is apologize and ask for their forgiveness.

God is still working on me.

Peace and Love,

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