Prayer Journal

Day: Late, Late Monday Night

Date: September 30/October 1

The Weather Today: Not too hot and not too cold… I’m glad Fall is finally coming in.

Today I feel: Happy. Cleaning my house and giving singing up my praises to God gave me a renewed sense of faith and calmness. I guess when you do keep your mind occupied and focused on something the Devil has a hard time getting in.

Today I am grateful for: My nephew being okay, he will have to fight every day of his life, but at least he does it with a smile.

Inspirations, pray, scriptures, or quotes: Love is all we need.

I said a special prayer for: My government leaders. Today was the day to stand up and do what was right for the good of all not for the good of few and I prayed that they would see that.

Prayers answered: None yet but I feel them coming. It’s a new dawn and a new day and I feel good. I’m having a very peacefully moment in my life right now.

Donations of the Heart (Acts of kindness, sharing, caring and forgiveness): Nothing I would ever publicize because those things are between me, God and whoever it was done for.

What I would like to see happen tomorrow: I would still like to have this calm and peacefully feeling, and I would love to see our government come together for the good of the people.

Sometimes all we need  is to remember the little things in life. So that we can go back and reflect on where we were during that time. It can help us get through some things.

Peace and Love,


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