I am making myself go grey.

I worry about everything.  I can’t help it. Relaxing is something I enjoy physically but nothing I’ve been able to enjoy mentally in years.

They say stress is a necessary part of life. It helps for creativity, learning and survival skills. It’s only harmful when it becomes overwhelming. 

Well, then just call me an overwhelming walking stress ball because that’s what you get from me on a daily basis. The smallest thing will send me over the edge for days. 

I’ve tried everything!! I used to drink, I meditate, I pray, exercise, anything and everything you can think of to control your stress level, I’ve tried it. 

So from this point I’ve just decided to just embrace that me and stress go hand and hand.  The only thing I can control is how I allow it to control me. 

I’ll try not to but hey…. it’s life what can you do?

How do you control your stress?

Peace and Love

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