Everyday I get on the internet and try and read everything I can about everything. (One day I will tell you the story why) today, I came across a harmless article about pods, you know the detergent pods.

Well being the person that I am I use nothing but Tide, that’s what my mother uses and as far as all the commercials and price it’s the best. So imagine my surprise when the best detergent pod was Kirkland brand pods (which is Costco’s store brand).

That got me to thinking. How many other things have I not used or people have I not hung out with or pushed to the side because of my initial “perception” of them?

In this world we look at pretty people and automatically think and feel some sort of way about them. Some think they are stuck up, some think they are good people because they are “pretty’. We look at people we perceive not to be attractive and think that they may be someone we can push over, or that they may be mean because of their unattractiveness.  

Perception is, in my opinion, the one thing that is every human has as a weakness. We think we know when we actually have no idea (thanks MTV). 

But is there really a way to change the way we see everything? I’m black american and if I see another black american walking with their pants sagging then yes I automatically think negative thoughts or if a white person looks at me strangely, I automatically think that they think less of me. Perception…

I would love to stop over thinking things and people and to take them exactly how they are and nothing more. So I’ll start with the woman in the mirror and hope more people do the same.

Peace and Love




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