Me, Myself, and that other person I call I.

When I first thought about writing a blog, I wanted it to be profound and thought provoking. I wanted it to change the world, I wanted people to stand around the water cooler in the mornings and talk about how what I had wrote inspired them.

I didn’t know that first you had to get someone to read your blog first. (sad face) Then I thought about how much of myself I wanted to reveal about myself. How did I want the world to perceive me, smart or funny, artistic or very serious or what.  

Then I realized that there is no amount of words that can describe who I am, and if I wanted a story to be told about me, well then I should tell it. 

So while I was taking my shower, using new organic products to help with my 8 year battle with Insomnia, ImageI had an epiphany.  Open myself up. Bare it all and learn all that I can about me and finally learn not to care what others think or say about me. It’s about time too, I mean I am 31 years old. 

Knowing yourself is something I feel like we should all strive to know. It speaks volumes of who you are and how you will carry yourself because you will always know to be true to yourself.  

So I hope I’m able to figure out whom me, myself, and I are so that I can be the best me I can be.

Peace and Love


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