I found my soul mate…

I’ve always said that most people never actually end up with their soul mate. For the most part we normally settle for the closes person who fits the description of what we want in a mate. After being married for about 6 years my ex-husband and I realized that we weren’t meant to be together. There wasn’t a lot of bitterness because we both knew this but since we had no one else we just continued to be married. At this time I sat down and made a short list of what was important to me in a man (a very short list, I’m not Chili). Even though I was just getting out of a marriage, I loved being a wife and I knew that’s what wanted for myself. If I dated someone I wanted the man to know (yes I said man) to know what my intentions were.  I wanted a husband. 

I was afraid to date though. I didn’t want to go through a bunch of guys who didn’t know what they wanted or they weren’t ready to settle down.  Plus I’m sort of high maintenance so it was going to take some one extra special to deal with everything that makes up me!  I had grown up alot ,seen some things in life and knew that the usual didn’t work for me.  Luckily for me someone else was looking for that exact same thing.

My husband is my soul mate. I went around the world and back (literally), just to come back and find a country man from a small town named Childersburg.  My husband is a firm believer in if I’m not happy then he isnt either. His goals are focused on making a better life for our family and nothing more. He is man enough to stand up to peer pressure when he’s called “whipped”. I love being a wife to him, I cant start or end my day without thanking God for bringing and keeping this man I my life. We pray together, laugh together, cry together… doing anything apart is not an option for us because in our eyes that leads to the creation of space between us. We have made our dreams and goals one, so that we can always be on the same page going in the same direction.

I could go on and on about our relationship and our live for each other.  But its not necessart . Soul mates don’t have to tell the world how much they love each other we show it.  The respect we have for each other and our relationship says it all. God blessed me with my soul mate.

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