Consistency and Patience

If you ever want to be great or have anything in life you must be consistent and patient . I have neither one of these traits. I know I’ve spoken before about my lack of patience but I just realized consistency was also a big part of what I want for my future.

Whatever it is you want in life you have to eat, breathe and live it. Even if all of desire is a closer relationship with God.

I have all these creative ideas in my head of things I know I am good at things I know will bring me the fulfillment you get when you are able to us your God given talents. I sit and think about what I can do, but I have a lot of buts…. I always say “oh that won’t turn out right because I don’t have this or that or I don’t have money to really get it out there the way I want to. Did you catch all that did you see the patience I don’t have to use the things that I have and when I do one thing the inconsistency I have within myself.

That is honestly the harshest part of wanting and having anything. Everyday I can learn a new tip or something to do until I can “get” what I think I need. Because truthfully I believe my laziness and my sense of “Oh everyone knows me, they know I change me mind often.” Nope just another excuse to stop in the middle of something or stop trying to learn a new program because people shouldn’t expect much from me.

Thats’ the worse lie I have ever told myself, because (humble brag) I know how smart I am. I know how to get things done and I’m pretty amazing at a lot of things. So why am I selling myself short?

Peace and Love,


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