When you feel it….

So the most amazing thing just happened.

I felt loved.  Now don’t misunderstand me, I know that I’m loved and I feel it everyday, but I have been on my path to being more self aware.  I want to really be present in every moment of my life so I don’t miss anything.

So today when my husband came home and I learned what he had done (nothing big just something incredibly thoughtful and sweet) it hit me and hit me hard.

Sometimes we need to have these moments in our life where we can actually feel something and know exactly what it is. I didn’t need to take time out and process my feelings or anything I instantly knew, wow this man really loves me.

This reinforces my resolve to learn to be in the moment at all times.  I could have missed this and then complained to my friends later about how my husband only goes for the grand gesture and never does the “little things”, but he does and I normally miss it.

I won’t ever take these moments lightly ever again. I won’t ever forget to enjoy myself and only think of what I’m doing at the time and nothing else. 

Learning to live in the moment is such a beautiful thing….

Peace and Love,


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