Graduation time is here!!

So all across this great country of ours young people are graduating college! It’s an exciting time in many lives but it can also be very scary because you are officially an ADULT (yes it is as scary as it sounds).

I know that a lot of graduates are getting tons of advice right now and yes I’m about to add to it. Sorry! 

With me being 34 years old, I think the biggest thing I have had to battle is regrets, and the old woulda/shoulda game. So when I realized that I too also wanted to add to the advice game I thought about my stuff first so that I could offer a goo perspective on life.

I decided to think about everything in my life that lead me down a certain path (only big events that I feel shaped me) and see what if?  I won’t bore you with my list but trust it was long and intensive because regardless of what I think may have happened who knows that my destiny didn’t still come to fruitation? 

So here is what I learned: 

-Life is about making mistakes. No matter how hard you try, you will make them. Its okay as long as you learn from it. You just have to get up and never stop trying.

-You will always feel like you are missing something and that’s okay. Some things aren’t meant to be figured out all at once. Some things will be figured out in time, life is a series of events. Nothing happens all at once.

-Live one day at a time. That doesn’t mean to go out and fuck up all the time and say “oh tomorrow’s another day so it doesn’t matter,” but don’t spend all your time worry about things you don’t know anything about. Live for the day. Tomorrow isn’t promised to you. Do the best you can and be the best person you can everyday.

-What is meant for you will come. No one can stop it, so don’t worry. Again just do the best you can with your life. Speaking of YOUR life, live it for you. Don’t waste too much time on trying to make everyone happy but yourself. You will fail if you try to live your life like that. This I can promise you.

These are just a few nuggets of wisdom that I wanted to drop. Read them, remember them and come back to them later because I’m quite sure you won’t listen now but one day all these things will come back to you. 

Enjoy your new life!

Peace, Love, and Joy


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