While everyone has been out celebrating the 4th of July I was getting used to being back at home after spending an entire 7 days in the hospital.

It was nothing like I expected. For one the surgery I had (a myomectomy) wasn’t the first one I’ve had but the first I’ve had in this country, so I really didn’t know what to expect.  I must say I really like the hospitals in the states…:).  The one thing that made me feel that I was in good hands was before the surgery as I sat in my pre-opt room, the doctor came and said before we started doing anything he want to pray over everything we were doing.  I immediately felt better and I since I believe God gives our doctors the sense to use in all of our different situations, I was glad God was their in the room.

So now I’m home after spending almost an entire 7 days in the hospital.  I’m glad to be home. I had gotten away from my anxiety medication although I did use it a few time in the hospital but not everyday and I was sleeping somewhat without sleeping pills.

I hope this is a turn in the battle for my health because I was already getting one the work out track. This is one of the things that needed to be done but just wouldn’t be done until it was absolutely necessary. In my case when the pain came.

I’m doing better just trying to get my energy back up and focus on me getting better and learning from my past.  I have to be a good girl and not try to move so fast and let my body heal. I have to keep strong with this remember that this was done for my better good.  I believe that and I’m holding on to that because as you all may know I can be a scatter brain.

So I’m just going to take on projects to improve my home and settle into that so that I can allow myself to heal without putting too much on myself.

I’m also learning that I’m married and although true enough I can do it for myself… sometimes letting your significant other take care of you is the most important thing you can do for a relationship. I hope I’m learning and I will always remember to do what is right in my relationships.

But I am doing well, mending although I’m deeply concerned about my mental health the jury is still out on that one.

Peace and Love


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