To Overdo  and over Analyze or not

There is something to really learning about yourself….

So I know my personality really, really, really well.  I would now like ordan myself “Queen of Overdo and Analyzation”.  That’s just who I am and the way I like things.  In doing that though I tend to overdo everything. The worst thing I have this with is researching an issue or problem. 

So as everyone should know hubby and I are trying to expand our family.  So because it wasn’t happening fast enough for me I decided to go on fertility pills. That doesn’t sound too bad right? No like I said I over analyze so you know my research of this was done well. Although I knew of the side effects, I could care less.  I just wanted the end result.

Well because I am who I am of couse, I get every side effect they have to the fertility pills. So now I’m sitting here at the hospital because I have leaking cyst on my ovaries.. they hurt and are causing all types of other issues.  Now to be perfectly honest with you, I should have know this could happen even though the probability was less than 10%. Some how I’m always in that group.

This a setback for me, and yes I have been overdoing on the research and over analyzing how this will affect my baby making plans, but I see a lesson in the whole thing. Maybe everything isn’t meant for me to understand, do or figure out…. I’m learning. Slowly, but I’m learning.
Peace and Love,



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