Songs of life

So this morning I woke up with a vey positive attitude. (I always try to but I am an emotional Cancer so don’t it doesn’t always work)  as I went around the house getting a few things done because I was suppose to be getting rest. If you have ever been squeezed for a dental appointment only for them to realize you need a root canal, they start said root canal but can’t finish until a week later, you would know why I’m trying to rest because the pain I feel is crazy. But I digress from that because thats not why I came on tonight.

As I was laying here sleep a few minutes ago, I decided wouldn’t it be cool to put up a daily or weekly sound track to my life? Instead of using my words I could just say Monday was definitely a Pharrell Williams “Happy” type of day and what ever other songs described my day.

Then I realized although I have a vast knowledge of music, new and old and across many genres I had nothing that could help me with describing the disturbing events that took place today.

That got me to thinking where is all the good music that people can actually relate too? Not just stuff with a catchy hook but music that actually has a message that is relatable to the masses?

Think about all the music the is deemed timeless and classic, it spoke about problems or issues we would face for the rest of our lives of something that would and could actually happen.

Classics such as the Motown sound name a song from when they were hot that talked about something you couldn’t understand or relate to? Even country music has timeless songs that will always be where you are.

I can’t get with songs that talk about “I’m in love with the Cocoa” (yes they are speaking of drugs and it is disgusting) or talking about my Bentley Coupe or how much money I have to throw around in the club.   At least when people with classic music talked about cars in their music it was things that we could relate to, even R. Kelly said “You remind me” and he was speaking of his Jeep. That’s an attainable car right?

So some days I can pick out the right songs to describe my day, and sometimes I can’t maybe they haven’t been written yet or maybe I need to learn song writing… who knows?

Peace and Love,


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