Bible Lession

Abraham was one of God chosen people, he was promised to be blessed with many things and that his line would live on forever in fact I believe we all are somehow related to Abraham. If you know this story you can skip this post if not please read on Abraham had a wife Sarai, she was barren. So Sarai got their servant girl Hagar to have a child for Abraham so that he wouldn’t die childless this child was named Ishmael.  The only problem was that God had promised Sarai a baby but on His time. So once the baby was born Sarai became very jealous and sent away Ishmael and his mother Hagar. God came to them and changed Sarai name to Sarah and finally blessed her with a son named Isaac. Even though Ishmael was technically the first born of Abraham because he was not the first born of the marriage he wasn’t given as much as Isaac was. I hope everyone knows this story because it has many meanings and it’s actually the reason the Palestine and Israelites are fighting each other over the land of Abraham. Who is the rightfully owner of this land. But I did tell this story for another reason. No one can come between what good decides He has His hands on. I know and believe that God is in this marriage in spite of what anyone has to say. I just now have to pray for strength to let the drama that has somehow creeped into my life go.  I’m a child of God nothing and no one can hurt me.

Peace and Love,



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