Rambling Thoughts….

I have mental disabilities… Depression and Anxiety are the biggest two that I have.

When I read about the death of Robin Williams and that he suffered from Depression and was struggling with it the first thing I wanted to do was choke my therapist.  The other day he had just told me that this was something that could be beaten, apparently he was very wrong.  If someone like Robin Williams could still suffer from it with all that he had accomplished, and all that he had done, who am I to be better than him?

What I did take from the situation is that everyday I have to work hard to keep myself in the right headspace that I need to be in to deal with all that comes my way.  Just like lately things haven’t been going exactly as I would have them go but, I’m going to keep my head high because what I have learned from other situations that I have been in, is that the rain eventually stops… and the sun does come out tomorrow.

Don’t let depression overtake you reach out to someone or do what I’m doing now put your thoughts out there and re-read them so you can see how far you’ve come and how far you have to go.

I literally have someone trying to tear away at my life right now and it would usually send me into a downward spiral of depression because I don’t understand why someone would deliberately try and hurt someone and because I couldn’t find logic behind it, I would normally be driven crazy by trying to figure it out. But this time taking the tools that I’ve learned I know that sometimes people do things to other people without regards to the other person. 

I have just actually put two post together into one so please don’t get lost in it. (sorry, the mind of someone with ADD is crazy!)

But all in all I have to say that depression is a very serious thing but things get bad but then they also get better. If you learn nothing else from Robin Williams, get help sooner than later and learn to live life and not to just exist.

Peace and Love,


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