No words can describe the smile that I have on my face right now.

In the past week, I’ve spoken with a few on my friends who no matter the distance, have always been there for me.

It made me feel good because these are people who I have meet at various points in my life and for some reason they continued to stick around and care about me no matter what or how far I got from them. I love the feeling that it has given me, to be able to pick up and speak like no time has passed.

Friendship is a funny thing. So people are really good at it and others are not. Some people mean well and others…. well let’s just say we have all ran into “that” friend before.

I’ve always considered myself to be a good and a bad friend. My good parts? I’m extremely loyal. If I’ve called a good friend, you can always count on me. My bad parts? I’m not good at calling even when I’m thinking of you and I won’t always come to you when I’m going through things. But even with my faults I know that to have a good friend you have to be a good friend also.

So since 2013 is the year to work on the things I see wrong with myself (since I have already learned to value my opinion of myself over anyone else’s) I plan on being a better friend to those whom I care about. Not everyone gets this big eclectic group of friends that I have collected from all walks of life and from all parts of the world and trust some of them are some characters but they have some of the biggest shoulders a girl could ask for.

I don’t have to name names because you all know that I’m speaking of you and you should know how much I value your friendship. Love you guys lots.

Peace and Love

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