A woman of Christ

This is what I strive to be.

But what is this exactly?

When we seen our grandparents as saved people, that seemed to be a boring life. They never seemed to have any fun unless they were in church. But how does todays modern woman be a woman of Christ without falling into the trappings of the world?

I still want to be fashionable, hip, and stay the young person that I feel. I want to set a good example though, I don’t want there to be any question on my love and dedication to God. But where is the line drawn?

The Bible says that once you accept Christ you become something new, but isn’t there always a bit of the old mixed in with the new? If you were a comedian do you lose you funny bone because you become saved? Or does someone who wants to become an actress give that all up?

I know that God knows who we are deep down to our bones, so I think He calls us for the personality and the people that we are.

If you are gifted in any sort of way or even if you are just fashionable, all those gifts can be used to the glory of God. Now the “old school” church may not see it that way.

Example my husband loves music. Like absolutely loves it.  He has searched the internet until he found the type of gospel music that he can actually “feel”.  I mean he has found gospel music that actually beats in his truck. I mean he loves it! He said that if he knew that gospel music sounded that good he would have been converted (LOL).

I’m quite sure when people hear his truck and the music is booming I’m willing to bet that people think he’s listening to something other than gospel music.

So how do I stay a woman of Christ and stay true to who I am at the same time?

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